Values & Mission Statement


Our Vision

All survivors of sexual violence receive the support they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.


Our Mission

WMRSASC exists to enable those who have been silenced by rape, sexual abuse and exploitation to have a voice; and to make a difference by delivering the best specialist support and prevention services.


Our Values


We are ethical and respectful at all times, inspiring trust from our clients and each other, consistently delivering our commitments by standing our ground and challenging inappropriate behaviour and injustice.


We take responsibility for our own actions, supporting others to do the same by developing our own skills and abilities and fostering the same sense of self care and self-worth in our clients and each other.


We are accountable in our own decision making processes for continual improvements in the services we offer. We collaborate with partners and listen to the voice of our service users to ensure that we offer the best service we can.

We are shaped by the needs and voices of survivors

  • We believe what survivors tell us and are non-judgmental in our approach.
  • We recognise survival strategies and validate feelings whatever they are.
  • We empower and enable survivors to regain control and choices.
  • We hear and respond to survivor voices when providing and developing our services.

We stand for justice and equality

  • We promote and uphold the rights and needs of survivors.
  • We provide a service that is anti-oppressive and responds to survivors as individuals.
  • We recognise it is an individual’s decision whether to report.
  • We work positively to ensure our services are accessible and appropriate to those who need them.

We act on our belief that change is possible

  • We actively challenge injustice and dispel myths surrounding sexual violence.
  • We amplify the voices of survivors to ensure they are heard.
  • We work to promote and protect survivor’s rights.
  • We work from a feminist and human rights framework to promote positive change.


We hold ourselves to the highest professional and ethical standards

  • We work in a way that is transparent to and informed by survivor’s experiences and feedback.
  • We are guided by and adhere to national quality service standards.
  • Our specialist expertise is constantly refreshed by input from research, stakeholders, review and survivor feedback.
  • We promote a culture of respect and integrity towards staff and survivors.