Making a referral is another way of saying “Accessing our services”.

We encourage survivors to contact us directly to access our services. If this is not possible, then a professional or supporter can make a referral on their behalf. We accept third party referrals with the consent of the client.

If you make a referral on behalf of someone, please ensure the following:

  • Let them know who we are.
  • Let them know you’re making a referral and why.
  • Get their permission to contact WMRSASC and for us to contact them directly.

Access to our services is free and entirely confidential.

Referral Criteria:

Adult Counselling:
Survivors or supporters (e.g. partner, friend), aged 18 or over of any gender.

Children and Young People’s Counselling:
Survivors aged between 5 and 18 of any gender. Children’s safeguarding procedures will be followed.

Advocacy Services:
Survivors aged 5 and over of any gender or someone with parent/carer/family responsibilities of a child survivor under the age of 11.

How to Refer

There are several ways you can refer into our services:


Complete this form as fully as possible

Third Party Referral

Complete this form as fully as possible

What happens next?

Once the referral information has been received, we will contact the survivor to explain our services and arrange an assessment. We will not disclose any information to a third party without consent.

For any queries regarding referrals contact our Navigators on 01905 611655.