anti-racism statement



At WMRSASC we are committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment for all individuals. While we continue to develop and finalise our comprehensive anti-racism policy and strategies, we want to affirm our dedication to combating racism and discrimination in all forms.

We recognise the importance of this work and are actively engaging in anti-racism training for our staff. We understand the urgency of addressing systemic issues and are committed to ongoing learning, growth, and action.

As part of our commitment to transparency and accountability, we will provide updates on our progress in implementing anti-racism initiatives, including the finalisation of our policy, on this page by 30th June 2024.

We value the voices and experiences of all members of our community and remain steadfast in our pursuit of equity and justice.

Anti-Racism Commitment Statement

Commitment to Anti-Racism and Trauma-Informed Support

At WMRSASC, we stand firm in our commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment free from racism, discrimination, and prejudice. We recognise the profound impact of systemic racism and trauma on individuals and communities, particularly those who have been exposed to sexual violence.

Our commitment to anti-racism and trauma-informed support is rooted in the fundamental belief that every individual deserves dignity, respect, and equal opportunities, regardless of their race, ethnicity, or past experiences. We acknowledge that achieving racial equity and supporting survivors of trauma requires continuous reflection, learning, and action at all levels of our organisation.

As part of this commitment, we pledge to:


  • Develop and Implement Anti-Racism Policies: We will develop and implement comprehensive anti-racism policies and procedures that address discrimination, bias, and inequality in all aspects of our operations, including our support services for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Provide Trauma-Informed Care: We will ensure that all staff members receive regular and ongoing training in trauma-informed care to deepen their understanding of the impact of trauma, promote healing and resilience, and ensure that our support services are sensitive to the needs and experiences of survivors.
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusion: We will actively promote diversity and inclusion within our organisation by recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce, fostering an inclusive workplace culture, and amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalised communities, including survivors of trauma and sexual violence.



    • Listen and Learn: We will actively listen to the experiences and perspectives of individuals and communities affected by racism, discrimination, and trauma. We will engage in dialogue, reflection, and learning to deepen our understanding of the intersectionality of oppression and to inform our anti-racism and trauma-informed initiatives.
    • Hold Ourselves Accountable: We will hold ourselves accountable for advancing racial equity and trauma-informed support within our organisation and in the broader community. We will regularly assess our progress, identify areas for improvement, and take meaningful action to address disparities and inequities.
    • Collaborate and Advocate: We will collaborate with stakeholders, partners, and allies to advocate for systemic change and to advance anti-racism and trauma-informed efforts at local, national, and global levels. We will leverage our resources, influence, and platforms to support initiatives that promote racial justice, trauma recovery, and survivor empowerment.

    This commitment is integral to our values and principles as an organisation, and we recognise that it requires sustained effort, dedication, and collective action. We are committed to the journey towards a more just, equitable, and trauma-informed society, and we invite all members of our community to join us in this critical work.