Family Independent Sexual Violence Advisors

In addition to supporting survivors of sexual abuse and violence, WMRSASC also offers independent sexual violence advisory support to the supporters of survivors, most commonly parents, partners and family members. This support is delivered by a FISVA; Family Independent Sexual Violence Advisor. The FISVA role enables the youngest survivors of sexual violence, those aged 5 and under, to receive support through the FISVA engagement with their parent or carer.

The FISVA will support families to address:

·         Practical support for those involved with the criminal justice process

·         Information and support to enable and empower people to make informed choices.

·         The aftermath of disclosure

·         Short and long term impacts of abuse

·         Development & maintenance of healthy coping strategies

·         Improving relationships and communication within the family

·         Coping strategies to address changing family dynamics

·         Victim blaming, myths and stereotypical views of SV

·         Perpetrator motivations & Grooming techniques

For further information about the FISVA service please call the office on 01905 611655 (Worcestershire) or 01432 266551 (Herefordshire) or email

To make a referral to the FISVA service please click here.