Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling at WMRSASC?
A service which enables individuals to work through their past and current experiences of sexual abuse and/or rape. WMRSASC acknowledges that individuals will not forget what has happened to them, but through counselling it aims to support them as they move on and lead a more fulfilled life.

Will it be confidential?
Confidential information will only be disclosed if it’s indicated that a child or young person may be experiencing, or be at potential risk of abuse of any kind, or where it is indicated that a client is at risk of serious self harm, suicide and/or harm to others. Wherever possible this will be discussed with you before the disclosure. This action will only be taken after a counsellor has consulted with their line manager and/or clinical supervisor.

Will I have to talk about everything that has happened to me?
No. You will not be pressurised into talking about things you do not wish to talk about. You need only to tell us what is relevant and helpful for you. The counselling session is your time and we are here to help you find your own way of moving forward.

How long will I have counselling for?
Each session lasts for an hour and usually takes place weekly at the same time and day each week. It is hard to predict how long counselling will last but this will be negotiated with your counsellor and may involve a few sessions or many.

Will I always see the same counsellor?
The first time you come to WMRSASC is called your “assessment” (to decide whether WMRSASC is the right service for you).  You will see one counsellor for your assessment, but another counsellor for the whole of the remainder of your counselling sessions.

All of our counsellors are qualified to at least diploma level. WMRSASC works in line with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling & Psychotherapy. All WMRSASC counsellors also undertake our Nationally Accredited specialist training programme.

Where will the counselling take place?
WMRSASC is located at confidential locations in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. When you arrange an appointment you will be given details of our location. We can, if resources are available, support individuals at different locations throughout the counties.

How do I make an appointment?
You can phone our helpline, write to us or email us.

How much will counselling cost me?
WMRSASC is a registered charity (1136677) and we do not charge clients a fee for counselling. If you wish, you can make a donation, but this is voluntary.

How do the people that have been through the counselling feel?
Some quotes from WMRSASC service users

“I am now beginning to understand how the abuse and the other associated life experiences has deeply affected my reactions & subsequent behaviour and am able to recognise and alter my behaviour appropriately”

“I don’t know what I would have done without this service – I don’t think I would be here now”

“I cannot thank (Volunteer) and the rest of the staff enough for such a positive change in my outlook on life and I will always be truly grateful, thank you”

“Many thanks for making the first visit to the centre less terrifying than I thought it would be”.

“Special thanks to (Volunteer) for her support and listening to me in a very understanding way”