Kerrie and Becca’s London Marathon Blog #2

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  • February 17, 2018

All Running Smoothiely!

My name is Becca, I am fast approaching 40, I am a mum, wife and business owner. As you could imagine, I have a full life. I started jogging just because it was sociable, free and it fitted around my family.

I have always enjoyed exercise but running would never have been top of my list! Being a former smoker probably didn’t help and I remember having to stop to catch my breath several times during 5k jogs.

I had been running for two years before My friend Kerrie and I had the crazy idea to enter the London Marathon. It will be one of the toughest challenges I have ever signed up to but raising money seems to be the bigger challenge at the moment.

As time has gone by, kilometres turned into miles, miles turned into half marathons and I started to notice positive changes in my appearance, my physical ability and in the food I wanted to eat. Everyone tells you how important it is to eat the right food before you go running. I now know this through experimenting. I can’t have that Chinese take out, accompanied with a G&T the night before a 14 mile run. I have to fuel my body correctly or suffer the consequences. I ran a half marathon on a banana (and several jelly babies) and felt great. Now I’m running past 13 miles, I’ve had to up the fuel.

I have never blogged before and I’m not sure what people write. I thought I would share my latest yogurt smoothie pre running breakfast with you. I’m not a textbook smoothie maker so every one is slightly different, depending on what I have in the fridge, what needs using before it goes out of date or just what I fancy. My eldest child has also started enjoying the smoothies. He knows there is spinach in them but he can never taste it.

This one has Greek yogurt, spinach, milk, avocado, summer fruits, dates, a good helping of seeds and walnuts.

– Becca

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