Kerrie and Becca’s London Marathon Blog #4

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  • March 27, 2018

20 Miles and Counting!

We did the 20 miler this weekend and it was fine!

I have to be honest, after a horrible 18 mile the weekend before we were both a little apprehensive about how this would work out.

So we each had a great sports massage from the guys at McClelland Centre at University of Worcester early in the week then we made sure we ate properly the night before (steak and pasta!) and we were well hydrated. During the run itself we ate energy bars every hour and walked as we ate them so we kept moving but allowed ourselves  to digest those good carbs!

We ran together the whole 20 miles and finished feeling good so we have a good plan for the actual marathon. I am not complacent about how hard the final 6.2 miles are likely to be but they feel achievable now.

So we now start the ‘taper’…. Which means the longest run we do between now and the marathon is a 9 miler (Yippee!!) and we keep up with our strengths training and running shorter distances. I think a few cheeky hills for good measure too.

Thanks to everyone who has sponsored us. Do come to our event on 15th April – great chance to listen to some great music and do a spot of shopping too.

Kerrie x

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