Kerrie and Becca’s London Marathon Blog #1

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  • February 15, 2018

Run Besties Run!

So this is my first entry on the blog – and as a woman who likes to have  a plan I have spent the last few months reading about how to cross the finish line in one piece.  I am now a small fountain of knowledge on positive mantra’s,  vaseline for chafing….ouch, blister plasters, zinc oxide tape and the joys of ‘Gels’ to keep you going ( but hopefully not ‘Going’!) I have a plan written specifically for the ‘non marathon runner’ which we are sticking to (pretty much…..) and have had my ‘gait’ analysed … flat footed and over pronator … so attractive to see your bum running on a treadmill, having seen a badger run once… I have the style but not the speed.

I started running at 40… purely because I hadn’t exercised anything other than my mouth for a good 10 years and felt I needed to be able to catch my son when he raced across the playground. Running worked for me as you don’t need any special kit ( HA! the naivety of that statement….) and you can go when you want to go.  No gym class times to stick to. Aside from exercising my heart and body, running also gives me time to think, a type of therapy really.

I am not good at it so I have to focus all my energies on breathing and not falling over (most of the time… spectacular fail in December when I literally ‘smashed my face in’ running up a hill…) so having brain ‘down time’ is very healthy and that’s how it feels for me.

Having completed the hellish hilly Worcester Half Marathon last May with Bec and a few other friends the full 26.2 miles seemed the next step and I knew I needed to do it for a charity I felt strongly about so I could stay motivated.

So here we are, 16.68 miles in, sore hips, sore feet but deep down, loving it a bit and hoping to raise some funds for the children’s service.

– Kerrie

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