Children and Young People’s Counselling Support

Unfortunately, many children and young people experience different forms of rape, sexual abuse and sexual assault during their lives. Here at WMRSASC we offer counselling to those aged 5-18 years old.

Through talking or creative play our specialist counsellors create a safe environment to enable the young person to voice their experiences and explore the impact it has had on them and their lives.  This is done in an age-appropriate way best suited to the young person; as we understand talking things through may be difficult for them. The young person will never be expected to talk about things they don’t want to. Our counsellors are not here to tell them what to do or judge, they are here to listen and let their voices be heard.

If you feel that counselling may help a young person, referrals can be made for all those living in Herefordshire or Worcestershire. If the young person is under the age of 14, we will need consent from either their parents or guardians. If they are 14 or older a self-referral can be accepted, or a guardian or professional can make the referral on their behalf with their consent.

For further information about our counselling services for children and young people please call our Navigators on 01905 677449 or alternatively e-mail

The following self-referral form can be completed if you’re 14 and over, or if younger, a parent or carer can complete the form on your behalf.

Alternatively, a professional (nurse, doctor, social worker, etc) can refer you to us using this form.