Children & Young People’s and Family Independent Sexual Violence Advocates (ChISVA) & (FISVA)

A ChISVA is a advocate who can provide support to anyone aged 5-18 who has experienced rape, sexual abuse, or sexual exploitation at any time in their life. Having been through this experience a young person may find they are not ready for counselling but would prefer practical and emotional support.

The ChISVA will explain the criminal justice process and provide support throughout the duration.  If the matter hasn’t already been reported to the police a ChISVA will talk through all options to allow for an informed decision to be made. If the choice is made to report to the police, the ChISVA will support the young person through this process.

The ChISVA will never tell the young person what to do but will always help them to understand and to make an informed decision.

Our ChISVAs are here to advocate for the young person, to ensure their voice is heard, their needs are met, and that they are listened to and believed, during what is a difficult time. They will also help the young person to understand what is being said to them by other agencies such as the police.

In addition to supporting survivors of sexual abuse and violence, we also offer independent sexual violence advocacy to the supporters of survivors, most commonly parents, partners, and family members. This support is delivered by a FISVA, Family Independent Sexual Violence Advocate. The FISVA role also enables the youngest survivors of sexual violence, those aged 5 and under, to receive support through the FISVA engagement with their parent or carer.

The FISVA can support families with:

  • Practical support for those involved with the criminal justice process.
  • Information and support to empower people to make informed choices.
  • The aftermath of disclosure.
  • The impacts of abuse.
  • Development and maintenance of healthy coping strategies.
  • Improving relationships and communication within the family.
  • Coping strategies to address changing family dynamics.
  • Victim blaming, myths and stereotypical views of Sexual Violence.
  • Perpetrator motivations and grooming techniques.

For further information about our advocacy services please call our Navigators on 01905 969777 or alternatively email

If you think someone living in Worcestershire or Herefordshire would benefit from having a ChISVA or FISVA, please contact us. Self-referrals are accepted from those over the age of 14, as well as referrals from professionals who have consent to contact us on the young persons’ behalf.

The following self-referral form can be completed if you’re 14 and over, or if younger, a parent or carer can complete the form on your behalf.

Alternatively, a professional (nurse, doctor, social worker, etc) can refer you to us using this form.