Here at WMRSASC we offer counselling to all who have experienced any form of rape or sexual abuse at any time in their lives. We also offer support to parents, carers or partners of the survivor as we understand this time can be difficult not just for the survivor but for those around them too.

Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space, that gives the individual the opportunity to explore and work through their experiences and the impact that sexual abuse has had on their lives. Our counsellors are here to listen, they don’t give advice, neither do they judge. They are here to help explore and acknowledge thoughts and feelings around the abuse and to let the survivor’s voice be heard.

I have appreciated every single counselling session. I feel WMRSASC has helped me to understand and cope with my issues more than I had thought possible.

WMRSASC Adult Counselling Service Client

If you live in the Worcestershire or Herefordshire area and you feel that counselling is for you, then you can contact us yourself or, if you wish, you can ask a friend or professional (nurse, doctor, social worker etc) to contact us on your behalf.

For further information about our counselling services please call our Navigators on 01905 677449 or alternatively email

To make a referral to the counselling service please complete and submit our referral form below.