Providing a women only space

As a service working from a feminist ethos WMRSASC recognises that sexual violence is a gendered crime that disproportionately impacts upon women and girls, and is committed to ensuring female clients have the opportunity to access a women only space, whilst ensuring there are clear women only referral pathways available. To this end:

  • The helpline is currently staffed by women at all times that it is open.
  • All workers contacting clients to arrange initial assessments are women.
  • Clients are offered a choice of gender of support worker.
  • WMRSASC maintains women only spaces within their services by ensuring women only days in the Worcester based premises on Mondays and in the Hereford based premises on Fridays.

Counselling Referral flowchart:

  • Referral to service via website and online referral form (self-referral or third party referral through professional) / Self-referral to service via helpline (helpline staffed by women only)
  • WMRSASC admin team (women only) call the client to gather additional information which includes completing a short risks and needs questionnaire and inform the client about the waiting list process. During their time on the waiting list, clients may call the helpline for support and advice.
  • Client is kept updated whist on the waiting list via email or phone call. As the client nears the top of the list the client is contacted and informed that there will be a counsellor available soon and the risk and needs questionnaire is checked and updated if necessary. At this time the admin team ascertain the gender preference of the counsellor as well as availability to attend the sessions.
  • Client is contacted by the counsellor and offered an appointment.
  • Counselling commences

ISVA Referral Flowchart:

  • Referral to service via Police / website and online referral form (self referral or third party referral through professional) / Self referral to service via helpline – If specific gender of worker is preferred, client may determine on the referral form
  • WMRSASC receives referral, processed by Admin team and passed to relevant manager
  • Manager allocates client to worker
  • Worker contacts client by telephone for Safety and Support assessment to gain understanding of needs and risk
  • Initial face to face appointment takes place to complete Consent and Confidentiality paperwork
  • Support commences