If you would like counselling, we will arrange an initial appointment to talk to you to identify your immediate needs.  We will then organise a counsellor to provide you with the regular support you are seeking.

To help you, counselling can be provided on a weekly or fortnightly basis, for one hour at a time, and the days and times will be arranged between you and your counsellor to suit you both.

You can contact us by phone, post or email or, if you wish, you can ask a friend or professional (nurse, doctor, social worker etc.) to contact us on your behalf.

We can also organise appointments for individuals who are survivor, please call the helpline if you wish to discuss this.

What we would expect from you:

To help protect the confidentiality and peace of mind of clients using our service, please keep our address and location confidential.

Please respect your counsellor’s time and effort by letting us know at the earliest opportunity if you are unable to keep an appointment.


Click on the link below for details of how to get in touch with us.

Making Contact